Building the Programme

  • Our programmes complement the hotels image and are consistent with the brand message to their market segment
  • We understand different property verticals require different marketing strategies
  • The Mondiale solution will establish a long lasting value-driven relationship between members and the hotel
  • Mondiale is a specialist in delivering end to end tailor made marketing solutions that preform so you can get on with running your business while we run along side yours for the same objectives.

Successful loyalty programmes are complementary to the hotels image and consistent with the message to their market segment. Too often traditional loyalty programmes apply “me too” techniques regardless of the hotels market position, target audience, or desired business objectives.

Mondiale understands that a 1000-room city hotel, a luxury boutique hotel, and an all-inclusive resort all have different marketing requirements and target audiences.

Whichever solution applies, it must establish a lasting and value-driven relationship between member and Hotel. As part of the discovery process with the Hotel, Mondiale will tailor a loyalty solution complementing the hotel’s mission and message, reflecting the hotels position in the marketplace.

Once this is done we draft a Financial Projection. This includes a forecast of members to be acquired, profitability of the programme, and importantly the number of covers and room nights expected to be generated.

We then design the membership collateral to complement the hotels market image and message. At no stage is any collateral produced until written approval is received from the hotels appointed representative.

Finally, our trained sales consultants target the business and professional community who would otherwise not frequent your hotel. The consistent and growing spending power of this market segment is the core of most hotels.